Vanilla Bean


Balance   Aphrodisiac   Antioxidant   Calming   Expression   Sensuality

63% Raw Cacao solids, a smooth vanilla bean infused cacao bar. Vanilla bean has rich, sweet and floral notes.  Vanilla beans fragrance alone revitalises the body building self-confidence. Releases stress and tension promoting happiness and joy.  Vanilla (containing vanillin) a powerful antioxidant has immune system enhancing properties.

Flows through these energetic centres:

Chakras: Base, Third eye, heart, sacral.



Raw Organic Ingredients:
63% cacao solids (cacao butter & cacao powder), dark agave, virgin coconut oil, vanilla (3%), cinnamon, natural sea salt.

organic|raw|dairy free|gluten free|no refined sugars|vegan|handmade|
Weight of bar: 45g




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