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Ultra Sonic Diffuser


Ultra Sonic Diffuser includes a 5ml Essential oil Synergy chosen for you on the day.

Properties of Diffusion:

  • Helps protect your immune system
  • Is calming, energising and stimulating
  • Opens the lungs when congested
  • Cleanses the nose
  • Visual relaxation
  • Safe way to have aromatherapy internally
  • Colour therapy

Our Ultra sonic diffuser, emits a fine mist, transporting tiny essential oil particles into the air, creating mood enhancing benefits as well as many health benefits from inhaling pure essential oils.

There are Three settings for the timer 1,3,6 hours. This turns off automatically when the water runs out.

This diffuser has amazing colour therapy benefits.  Seven colours to choose from and 2 brightness options.

Green- grounding/healing/peace of mind.
Yellow- light/hope/ encouragement. 
Blue- immunity/communication.
Pink- calming/loving/heart healing.
Purple – Imagination/spirituality.

This diffuser is perfect all year around especially heading into the cooler months when the air is dryer and immune systems are compromised. The diffuser adds moisture into the air to help build immunity.

Use at home or at work in the office. Amazing next to the children’s bed at night to help them sleep and support breathing when they are sick. 100% safe as there is no flame and automatically turns itself off.


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Ultra sonic diffuser-

Diffusion and Animals.
Essential oils and Pet Safety/Contraindications:

There are a few oils that should be completely avoided in the case of certain health conditions as they are smaller and generally more sensitive than humans.
Avoid all high phenol oils such as Oregano and Thyme with all animals. Cats are more sensitive than any other animal so be extra careful.
Avoid using oils around puppies under 10 weeks old, hydrosols are a better choice. If your pet does not like an oil, do not force its use. When diffusing always provide an escape route or a room clear of oils.  Essential oils are being widely used in all sorts of animal care products, so please read labels of ingredients first.
Pennyroyal is widely used in flea control, its an abortifacient in humans, it is also toxic to the liver & kidneys, can cause slow toxicity in pets and cause death so please be cautious.

Other Contraindications:
Please keep out of reach of children, store in a cool dry place and is not for external use. Pregnant woman certain essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy.  If in doubt please do not hesitate to be in touch with any queries on using the right essential oils for your family.

Enjoy our Ultra sonic diffuser.



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