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Wellbeing   Harmony   Letting go   Balance   Expression   

The word Synergy is derived from the Greek word ‘Syn’ meaning together and ‘ergon’ meaning work. In Aromatherapy it means a collective working together of two or more essential oils that result in an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects. These specifically chosen oil combinations will help fill your life with healing and abundance. dandelions synergies are a collection of some very unique, 100% pure essential oils from around the globe. Use these delightful synergies in our diffuser, or direct palm inhalation, a few drops in a hot bath and perfect for massage oil blends just add your favourite carrier oil.

Release synergy stimulates a sense of emotional wellbeing and of letting go. Old repressed energies lie at the root cause of our disharmony and health concerns.

Release oil promotes balance and harmony on all levels. Release aids in helping us to speak our truth while walking the path to alignment.

Flows through these energetic centres:

Chakras: Throat, heart, third eye, crown.
Seed sound: Ham
Message: “I express”
Therapeutic essential oils: Orange, Lavender, Rose geranium, Bergamot, Lotus, Cinnamon.
Planentary ruler: Jupitar & Mercury
Element: Ether
Sense Organ: Hearing
Physical: Throat
Musical Note: G or G#
Sanskrit Name: Vishuddha 

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All of dandelions essential oils are 100% pure high-grade oils, sourced sustainably, organic where possible and wild harvested.

Orange:   Uplifting   Carminative   Relaxing   Happiness   Digestion   Creativity   Positivity

Sweet orange oil is one of my favourite all round oils produced from the peel of the orange fruit. Being a natural anti-bacterial oil simply use in all areas of your home. (careful on plastic as can melt if it is used neat). It is a natural blood circulation booster so lifts ones general wellbeing while aids ones libido. Relieves depression and anxiety, helps lower inflammation and pain and aids removal of toxins and gut inflammation in the digestive systems. Increases brain functions and general memory. Orange oil brings happiness and light heartedness and a vitality of the soul.

Lavender:   Growth   Balance   Calm   Compassion   Health

Resolves fear and clears heat from the body, deepens and calms the body. Integrates spiritually into everyday life, bringing together higher and lower chakra centres. So, it is both calming and energising. Lavender embodies the warmth of mother earth, her compassion seeks to bring out the best in us all and dispels negative energies. Love, health, psychic, development and growth, purification, peace, clairvoyance, divination and balance. Sedative and stimulant, decongestion, headaches, migraines, mental exhaustion, coughs, colds, flu, break down, fear of change, dispels addictive cravings, mood swings, nervous asthma, panic, emotional extremes.

Rose Geranium:   Strengthening   Uplift   Aphrodisiac   Fertility   Harmony

The great balancer of the oil kingdom. Helps with emotional extremes, sedative and uplifting to the nervous system. Geranium is cooling and moist, clears heat from the body and can strengthen the flow of qi (life force energy). Folklore considers geranium a protective scent, calming, brings about harmony, love, fertility, aphrodisiac, protection and she is also uplifting. An oil one must always respect due to its highly transformative energies. Is said to help with sedative and stimulant withdrawl by calming the nervous system.

Bergamot:    Balance   Angelic   Joy   Amplifies Energy   Prosperity

Bergamot balances the hypothalamus (our main control centre). She maintains equilibrium in our mental & psychological well being. Harmonises our liver chi, aids sleep disturbances, anxiety and heart palpitations. The beautiful green colour of bergamot essential oil has an infinity with the heart chakra and is useful when our heart is affected by great trauma. A deep heart opener. Bergamot essential oil also aids our solar plexus with open communication & joy.

Lotus:   Growth   Inner Knowing   Connection   The Breath   Tranquility

Known as the oil of tranquillity. She is a sweet and heady smelling essential oil deeply calming our nervous system. It is helpful to treat respiratory problems such as asthma and congestion of the lungs. It allows us to speak our truth from a place of inner knowing and connection to the cosmos. She is a soothing skin oil for problem skin; acne, blemishes, smoothing lines. This sacred flower has been revered in Eastern and Southern Asia as a symbol of non-attachment, purity and spiritual awakening. Used as an anointing oil before meditation and other spiritual work. Lotus is used as a symbol of spiritual growth.

Cinnamon Bark:   Warming   Energising   Invigorating   Stimulating   The success oil

Cinnamon bark oil is a warming comforting rich spicy oil bringing material success and good luck with it.  Cinnamon oil attracts love and inspires passion, a sacred spice used to protect and purify one who wears it. Cinnamon enhances the healing benefits of other essential oil properties.  Is an emotional and physical stimulant and a powerful purifier and kills off viruses, bacteria and fungus.  A wonderful anti-inflammatory for sore joints and muscles. Cinnamon is used to heal respiratory infections and promotes blood flow to the mind body and is very uplifting to the spirit. This oil needs to be highly diluted less than 1% if being used topicallya dermal irritant)

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