Raw Raspberry


Antioxidant   Anti-inflammatory   Inner child   Kindness   Circulation

61% Cacao solids, clusters of raspberry, sweet and slightly tart a perfect combination with chocolate.

Raspberries symbolises kindness and vitality invoking energy from the heart centre.  Carrying with it love, nutrition and kindness through the whole body.

Raspberries are a rich source of nutrients, minerals and vitamins.  They are packed with Vitamin C and have high concentrations of antioxidants.

Chakras- Heart, sacral and base.



Raw Raspberry-

Raw Organic Ingredients:
61% Cacao solids (cacao butter & Cacao powder), dark agave, virgin coconut oil, raspberry (1.5%), vanilla, cinnamon, natural sea salt.

organic|raw|dairy free|gluten free|no refined sugars|vegan|handmade|
Weight of bar: 45g



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