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The word Synergy is derived from the Greek word ‘Syn’ meaning together and ‘ergon’ meaning work. In Aromatherapy it means a collective working together of two or more essential oils that result in an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects. These specifically chosen oil combinations will help fill your life with healing and abundance. dandelions synergies are a collection of some very unique, 100% pure essential oils from around the globe. Use these delightful synergies in our diffuser, or direct palm inhalation, a few drops in a hot bath and perfect for massage oil blends just add your favourite carrier oil.

Nirvana  synergy oil tunes into the energetic emotional place of our bodies, allowing manifestation to be born.

Nirvana honours the deep sacred nature of ourselves. Being open to intimacy on all levels, clearing the channels and making way for creativity and joy to enter you.

Nirvana synergy brings light into any day, helps let go of old wounds, stirring the spirit in ways that can be both unexpected and liberating.

Flows through these energetic systems:

Chakra: Sacral
Seed sound: Vam
Message: To feel, to want
Therapeutic Essential oils: Neroli, Nag Champa, Orange, Patchouli, Rosewood
Planetary Ruler: Pluto
Element: Water
Sense Organ: Tongue
Physical: Womb, genitals, kidney, bladder, rectum
Endocrine Gland: Ovaries, testicles
Musical note: “D”
Sanskrit Name: Svadhishthana (sweetness, dwelling place)

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All of dandelions essential oils are 100% pure high-grade oils, sourced sustainably, organic where possible and wild harvested.

Neroli:   Calming   Hypnotic   Aphrodisiac   Transition   Emotions

Beautiful Neroli oil is steam distilled from the flowers of various citrus trees. She invokes feelings of joy and happiness while uplifting your mood. Neroli is known as an overall mood enhancer. Used to help relieve depression, grief, worry and anxiety. It is also a wonderful aphrodisiac helping increase libido, helps with loss of interest in sex, frigidity, impotence and erectile dysfunction. It also helps create romantic feelings. Wonderful and gentle on our skin, she helps fade lines and scars while promoting generation of new cells. It is thought of as the rescue remedy oil, relaxing body, mind and soul.

Nag Champa:   Aphrodisiac   Meditation   Purification   Divine Healing

Champaca is a deeply sacred plant native to India. The smell of the flowers and the oil are intensely sweet and floral, a narcotic exotic with a honey back note. These flowers blossom during the night and early morning. Nag Champa is Aphrodisiac in nature and aids deep relaxation, is an auric energiser and balancer. It rejuvenates the spirit, repels negative energies. It is used in sacred ceremony work before and during meditations, purifies and sanctifies your space connecting with the spirit world and revives your sex drive.

Orange:   Uplifting   Carminative   Relaxing   Happiness   Digestion   Creativity Positivity
Sweet orange oil is one of my favourite all round oils produced from the peel of the orange fruit. Being a natural anti-bacterial oil simply use in all areas of your home. (careful on plastic as can melt if it is used neat). It is a natural blood circulation booster so lifts ones general wellbeing while aids ones libido. Relieves depression and anxiety, helps lower inflammation and pain and aids removal of toxins and gut inflammation in the digestive systems. Increases brain functions and general memory. Orange oil brings happiness and light heartedness and a vitality of the soul.

Patchouli:  Passion   Abundance   Spiritual Growth   Relaxation   Love

Warm, deep, rich, musky & woody she smells like the soil & the earth. This exotic scent takes you off to magical places. Used in ritual work to bring about love, wealth & passion. Used in fertility spells and sprinkled into wallets & onto money to attract wealth and abundance. Patchouli aids our spiritual growth, attracts people to us & she summons the spirit of love, has strong aphrodisiac properties & promotes a deep state of relaxation.

Rosewood:   Uplifting   Immunity   Aphrodisiac   Hormones   Balance

Uplifting and enlivening, Rosewood has an overall balancing effect on the endocrine and Lymph systems. Helps with stress and people feeling heavy with life’s burdens, it helps us come home back into our body. Excellent for lowered immunity.

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