Loving   Playful   Independant   Sacred   Sensual

Lalita perfume oil is truly feminine by nature, with a soft playful essence.
She is honest, self-willed, independent & strong.
Exquisitely sensuous & extremely beautiful inside and out.
Her heart is open, her mind clear.
She knows what she wants and has the drive to get there.
The name Lalita in Sanskrit means love, playful, pleasant & joyful.
The one who is as bright as the rays of a thousand rising suns.

Lalita also flows through these energetic centres:

Chakra: Heart, Crown, Sacral
Crystals: Rose quartz, Clear quartz, Selenite, Amethyst, Kunzite, Ruby.
Crystal Infusion: Rose quartz, bringing with her unconditional love, nourishment & healing.
Oils: Jasmine sambac, Patchouli, Clary sage, Lavender, Petitgrain, Oud, Apricot.
Sanskrit Name: ललित



All of dandelions essential oils are 100% pure high-grade oils, sourced sustainably, organic where possible and wild harvested.

Jasmine sambac:   Sensual   Spiritual   Evocative   Passionate   Heady

This sensuous, heady, evocative fragrance evokes feelings of passion and desire.  The name Jasmine comes from the Persian word ‘Yasmin’ meaning gift from God. Her calming properties effect the mind opening us up to the divine beauty all around us.  Purity of love and devotion. Motherhood, fostering both love and respect.  Aphrodisiac in nature she brings about eternal love & sensuality.  Her flowers are delicious & beautiful, a heady delight of the night that fills the air with desire.

Clary sage:   Mood Enhancer   Comforting   Narcotic   Eurphoric   Opening

Earthy, nutty & herbaceous. A loving blanket and a tonic for the mind, body and spirit.  Very relaxing and sedating, induces feelings of elation and euphoria.  Balancing & regulating oil for the female hormonal systems, stimulates sexual confidence.  Used for channelling & divination, Opens the third eye.  Avoid using Clary sage if Pregnant until in Labour as she is an emmenagogue. (promotes menstruation)

Patchouli:   Passion   Abundance   Spiritual Growth   Relaxation   Love

Warm, deep, rich, musky & woody she smells like the soil & the earth.  This exotic scent takes you off to magical places.  Used in ritual work to bring about love, wealth & passion.  Used in fertility spells and sprinkled into wallets & onto money to attract wealth and abundance.  Patchouli aids our spiritual growth, attracts people to us & she summons the spirit of love, has strong aphrodisiac properties & promotes a deep state of relaxation.

Lavender:   Growth   Balance   Calm   Compassion   Health

Sweet, herbaceous, clean & gentle. A wonderful healing Mother.  Releases energy blockages, balancing all charkra systems.  Aids in all ritual work involving health, love, peace, good luck, blessing & psychic development.  Lavender is cooling & relaxes a worried agitated mind.  She balances our emotions and encourages harmonious dream time promoting a restful sleep.

Petitgrain:   Spiritually Balancing   Relaxing   Hormones   Sedative   Nervous Fatigue

Sweet, woody, fresh, herbaceous, delicate yet strong scent.  She promotes harmony between the spirit and your inner self, bringing about feelings of harmony, joy, self-confidence, inner peace and spiritual strength.  Petitgrain is soothing and restorative to the body, mind & spirit, she awakens our consciousness and connects us to our higher self.  She drives off dark thoughts & negativity, balances our moods.  She promotes relaxation & tranquillity and supports all body systems, balancing also to a women’s monthly cycles.

Oud Wood:   Profoundly Grounding   Sensual   Alluring   Exotic

An amazing manifestation oil Oud is also euphorically relaxing allowing for mental clarity and purpose.  Enhances spiritual practise and posse’s magnetic powers for attracting love, prosperity & good fortune.


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