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The word Synergy is derived from the Greek word ‘Syn’ meaning together and ‘ergon’ meaning work. In Aromatherapy it means a collective working together of two or more essential oils that result in an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects. These specifically chosen oil combinations will help fill your life with healing and abundance. dandelions synergies are a collection of some very unique, 100% pure essential oils from around the globe. Use these delightful synergies in our diffuser, or direct palm inhalation, a few drops in a hot bath and perfect for massage oil blends just add your favourite carrier oil.

Inner child synergy is a very specific blend of oils which are designed to wrap you up in a nurturing familiar blanket of warmth.

Inner Child
is where we communicate from, our core desired beliefs and feelings.

Reminding us we are safe, grounded, nurtured and loved. Our inner child teaches us to trust ourselves, to also take care of ourselves and to love, not only ourselves but others too.

Inner Child centers our core and brings about feelings of happiness, joy and security.

Flows through these energetic centres:

Chakra: Solar plexus, heart
Seed Sound: Ram
Message: “I Control”
Therapeutic Essential oils: Lemon, Ginger, Mandarin, White musk, Vanilla bean
Planetary Ruler: Sun & Mars
System: Digestive 
Sense Organ: Eye (sight)
 Digestion/Digestive health/Stomach
Musical Note: E
Sanskrit Name: Manipura

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All of dandelions essential oils are 100% pure high-grade oils, sourced sustainably, organic where possible and wild harvested.

Lemon:  Purification   Clarity   Awareness   Happiness   Calm   Revitalising

Lemon is revitalising and fresh, opening our channels to receive clarity in any situation. Lemon is used to boost our immunity and sends us vibrations of happiness and joy. Promotes Love with its uplifting effects and balances the solar plexus chakra increasing one’s awareness. Aids in general health and wellbeing, a powerful anti-oxidant, detoxifying, a disinfectant and great antiseptic properties.

Ginger:   Attraction   Courage   Love   Prosperity   Success

Ginger root is Spicy and sweet this potent oil is unmistakable. She soothes an upset stomach and eases nausea, butterflies and promoting digestion. Associated with Manipura chakra (Solar plexus). It is related to all matters of the belly. Ginger oil helps remove blockages and helps us feel empowered by removing these obstacles from not only our physical body but our consciousness, we are open to receiving on all levels of our psyche. Aids our transformation, aligns us with our path and on a purely physical level. Anti-inflammatory, nausea, muscle pain, anti-spasmodic. An abundance oil brings on success, wear in job interviews, on your neck or in a bath to draw in true love. It opens communications.

Mandarin:   Inner Child   Like Minded Souls   Innocence   Sprightliness   Awakening

Mandarin oil is steam distilled from the peel and is a very angelic fragrance. She is a gentle soul healer, promoting light heartedness and innocence to those that breathe in its molecules. It helps one to connect to our inner child and childhood. Mandarin awakens our spirit and smooths our edges. Helps with our digestion, improves circulation of blood and lymph. She relaxes us when feelings of anxiousness and nervousness arise.

White Musk:   Relaxing   Sensual   Aphrodisiac   Meditation   Clarity

Steam distilled from the flowering tops of the Rosa Moschata plant. White Musk’s aroma is soft and musky. The flower was cultivated as far back as the 16th century also known as Musk Rose. This wonderful oil has strong aphrodisiac properties aiding sexual tension and being open to greater levels of intimacy. It aids meditation and contemplation, opens the heart centres. Its rejuvenating aroma is used for getting rid of stress and anxiety held within the body. White Musk oil enhances our skins appearance by building up collagen, increases elasticity, maintains a youthful complexion. Also has amazing healing properties with burns and scars.

Vanilla:   Aphrodisiac   Confidence   Happiness   Joy   Balance

The Insurer of desire. Its planetary ruler is Venus the planet of love. This oil is an aphrodisiac in nature and deeply relaxing. Her magical association builds self-confidence, mental powers, passion, physical energy levels and she supports happiness and joy. Vanilla promotes hormonal balance, can lower blood pressure and has a tranquilizing effect on the brain helping slow a busy mind and helps us live in the moment.

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