Goji berry and coconut


Vitality   Longevity   Sexual energy   Glowing skin   Stamina

58% Raw Cacao solids, a delicious combination of textures- chewy goji berries and crisp coconut chips. Packed with antioxidants and cell regenerating energy. It also promotes vitality, strength and longevity.

Goji berries known as the ‘happy berry’ in China is tonic to the eyes, liver and kidneys.  It increases Chi or life force energy in those that consume them.  It helps boost immune function, increase alkalinity, vitality and improves eyesight.

Coconuts are valuable to the immune system as they contain healthy antiviral, antifungal and antimicrobial saturated fatty acids.

Flows through these energetic centres:

Chakras- Heart, solar plexus & sacral.



Raw Organic Ingredients:
58% cacao solids (cacao butter & cacao powder), dark agave, goji berries (9%), coconut chips (6%), vanilla, cinnamon, natural sea salt.

organic|raw|dairy free|gluten free|no refined sugars|vegan|handmade|
Weight of bar: 45g





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