Ginger Spice


Stimulating    grounding    courage    balancing    clarity

63% cacao solids, a warming infusion of ginger essential oils and rich cacao.

Ginger warms the body, stimulating the digestive, respiratory, reproductive systems and energises the kidneys. Ginger brings balance to all chakras and awakens our inner fire and creativity. Ginger is very stimulating yet grounding.

Flows through these energy centres:

Chakras- Solar plexus, throat, sacral, base.



Raw organic ingrediants:
cacao solids 63% (cacao butter & cacao powder), dark agave, virgin coconut oil, ginger (0.8%), vanilla, cinnamon, natural sea salt.

organic|raw|dairy free|gluten free|no refined sugars|vegan|handmade|
Weight of bar: 45g


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