Passion   Strength   Alluring   Grounding   Mood enhancing   Soul healing

Warrior perfume.
Earthy and deep, Unite your senses.
Falcon spirit flies high amongst the forest.
From the depths of the roots and the trees emerges the Falcon Warrior perfume.
Grounding yet uplifting, the spirit of this oil is an arousing essence, with a warm green spicy finish.

Falcon is a symbol of strength, passion, success, solar energy, swiftness, movement and soul healing.
Falcon symbolism represents a powerful and spiritually influential totem animal. Bringing soul healing medicine and understanding.

Wear Falcon warrior perfume as medicine to help us move forward with speed. It also helps us when we are feeling worn down, tired and lethargic with life. Falcon helps us harness the solar energy required to believe in who we are and step out of your comfort zone.

Let this aromatic wonder touch your heart and set you free!

Falcon also flows through these energetic centres:

Chakras: Base, heart, third eye
Crystals: Hematite, Tiger eye, Jasper, Blue obsidian, Malachite
Crystal Infusion: Hematite-
Focuses energy & emotions for balance between the body, mind & spirit.
Oils: Black Spruce, Ambrette seed, Cardamom, Fir, Cedarwood, Oud



All of dandelions essential oils are 100% pure high-grade oils, sourced sustainably, organic where possible and wild harvested.

Black Spruce:   Revitalising   Grounding   Respiratory Ailments   Anti-Septic   Anti-inflammatory

This is fresh, clean and smells of the forest.  Has strong purifying and cleansing properties, promoting openess and oneness.  Strong & vital by nature Spruce boosts the immune system and lifts the spirits.  Creatively stimulating to the mind & allows for a clear alert productive space.

Ambrette seed:   Sensual   Grounding   Aphrodisiac   Narcotic

Intensely sensual this oil is also known as Musk mellow, musk seed, amber seeds & musky seeds.  This oil is strong in character with a musk amber like scent, A luxurious essence highly prized and expensive, enchanting and romantic.  Induces mood enhancing chemicals with the body and is super grounding.  Long lasting & penetrating, enhances all perfume blends.

Cardamom:   Warming   Aphrodisiac   Grounding   Stimulating   Uplifting

Warming & intoxicating this oil is sensual sweet and spicy with grounding woody undertones.  Having an exotic character cardamom is a strong aphrodisiac, promoting love and desire.  An alluring, grounding, warming and stimulating oil.  Uplifting to your emotions & soothing to the body.  Calming to an upset stomach, promotes digestion of thoughts, feelings, ideas and food.

Fir:   Mental Clarity   Stimulating   Deepens the breath   Opens the lungs   Sinuses

Energy boosting fir needle oil is a wonderful helper, aiding us to heal our bodies to breathe more deeply and to cleanse our souls making way for the new.  Fir is calming to our bodies allowing for deep relaxation and promotes restful sleep.  Aromatically pleasing to the senses and opens space required for cleansing the mind and the home.

Cedarwood:   Comforting   Healing   Congestion   Grounding   Aids Transition

Come dance with me and I will transform the mind and the emotions into equilibrium.  Cedar is used in transitions, assisting us to be calm and to deepen our breath.  Cedarwood has been used in ritual work for many thousands of years and is an extremely sacred oil to work with in perfumery.

Oud Wood:   Profoundly Grounding   Sensual   Alluring   Exotic

An amazing manifestation oil, Oud is also euphorically relaxing allowing for mental clarity and purpose.  Enhances spiritual practice and possess magnetic powers for attracting love, prosperity & good fortune.


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