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Liberation   Cleansing   Freedom   Purify   Awaken  Sacred Wisdom

The word Synergy is derived from the Greek word ‘Syn’ meaning together and ‘ergon’ meaning work. In Aromatherapy it means a collective working together of two or more essential oils that result in an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects. These specifically chosen oil combinations will help fill your life with healing and abundance. dandelions synergies are a collection of some very unique, 100% pure essential oils from around the globe. Use these delightful synergies in our diffuser, or direct palm inhalation, a few drops in a hot bath and perfect for massage oil blends just add your favourite carrier oil.

Awakening is a blend of oils to ensure you feel freedom to explore your awakening. By tuning into our bodies our homes and our inner selves, we can clear space for goodness. Helps one to cleanse on all levels. Realigning our emotional and physical self, transforming us into a state of bliss.

Flows through these energetic centres:

Chakras: Third eye, crown, throat, heart
Seed sound: Oum
Message: “I am the witness”
Therapeutic essential oils: Pink Grapefruit, Myrrh, Lemon, Frankincense, Juniper
Planetary Ruler: Neptune, Moon
Element: Water
Sense Organ: Eye (light)
Physical vision, sinuses.
Physical: nose, brain (pituitary gland/hormone production),face.
Musical Note: A & A#
Sanskrit Name: Ajn

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All of dandelions essential oils are 100% pure high-grade oils, sourced sustainably, organic where possible and wild harvested.

Pink Grapefruit:   Energising   Connection   Decongestant   Enlivening   Detoxifier   Comforting   Addictions

The spirit of Pink Grapefruit makes us feel alive! With her fresh citrus sweet scent. Grapefruit detoxifies the body, is cooling to one’s liver and a tonic to the kidneys. It is a wonderful lymphatic system stimulant waking up the circulation in our physical bodies. Energising and enlivening this oil helps us to cope with our complicated emotions, eases our sorrows and lightens burdens. Wonderful for our stress levels, depression, pmt, fluid retention. She sharpens our minds and stimulates the body.

Myrrh:   Endings   Protection   Transformation   Virility   Meditations   Solitude

This resinous oil is often used alongside of Frankincense to open ones third eye to experience spiritual awakening and deepen states of consciousness and Prayer. Myrrh oil is used also to aid in healing of coughs, colds, insomnia and stimulates one immune system. An excellent oil applied neat to the skin to help with burns and bruising. The resinous scent of myrrh is said to boost our spirit and soul and is very calming to the nervous system.

Lemon:   Purification   Clarity   Awareness   Happiness   Calm   Revitalising

Lemon is revitalising and fresh, opening our channels to receive clarity in any situation. Lemon is used to boost our immunity and sends us vibrations of happiness and joy. Promotes Love with its uplifting effects and balances the solar plexus chakra increasing one’s awareness. Aids in general health and wellbeing, a powerful anti-oxidant, detoxifying, a disinfectant and great antiseptic properties.

Frankincense:   Strength   Elevating   Spirituality Meditative   Wisdom

This sweet protector of heaven & Earth works far beyond our auric field. Frankincense is our ever watchful one offering us total support in all realms, holding the wisdom of the ages and guides us to our internal home wherever we are. By warming/Burning this oil or resin it gives off tetrahydrocannabinol (a consciousness expanding chemical also found in cannabis). Elevating us to our own inner wisdom of the universe. Worn by Egyptian women in powdered form as a main ingredient in the traditional black kohl worn as eyeliner. Was said to help woman see a more spiritual aspect to the world and avoid ill fate and eye infections. Frankincense oil has wonderful anti-aging properties, great for mature skin, allergies, blemishes and eases scaring after surgery. Can help with a weakened immune system, nervous tension, frustration, past obsessions, reproductive balancing for both men and woman.

Juniper:   Uplifting   Inner vision   Protection   Enlightenment   Health

Juniper Berry oil clears pathways allowing enlightenment. An amazing purifying oil to cleanse and clear spaces in our homes and in our minds. When inhaled one can feel more mental clarity and emotionally uplifted. Juniper oil is often used for protection used in doorways, diffused to protect against stagnation of energies and spirit visiting us. It assists us in moving through bad dreams and nightmares. Uplifts our hearts, minds and spirits. Juniper berry oil is considered a guardian of the threshold between this world and the next.

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