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The word Synergy is derived from the Greek word ‘Syn’ meaning together and ‘ergon’ meaning work. In Aromatherapy it means a collective working together of two or more essential oils that result in an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects. These specifically chosen oil combinations will help fill your life with healing and abundance. dandelions synergies are a collection of some very unique, 100% pure essential oils from around the globe. Use these delightful synergies in our diffuser, or direct palm inhalation, a few drops in a hot bath and perfect for massage oil blends just add your favourite carrier oil.

Ascension synergy oil blend is the gateway to the subconscious and our connection to the other and the greater universe.

This oil promotes self-awareness, compassion, wisdom, spiritual and mystical experiences.

Calming yet uplifting, ascension synergy represents a sense of oneness with all of creation and our higher mind.

Flows through these energetic system:

Chakra:  Crown
Seed sound:  Silence
Message:  I understand
Therapeutic Essential oils:  Bitter Orange, Lavender, Rose Geranuim, Helichrysum, Rose, Sandalwood
Planetary Ruler:  Moon & Uranus
Element:  Thought
Sense Organ:  Brain
Physical: Pineal Gland
Endocrine Gland: Central Nervous System
Musical note:  B
Sanskrit Name:  Sahasrara

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Ascension Synergy-

Ascension synergy-All of dandelions essential oils are 100% pure high-grade oils, sourced sustainably, organic where possible and wild harvested.

Sandalwood:   Astral   projection   Spiritually Expansive   Mental clarity   Deepening Awakening

Calms the nervous system, anti-inflammatory, aphrodisiac, sedative, anti-depressant, helps with urinary tract infections. Spiritually it encourages astral projection.

Rose:   Love   Healing   Protection   Happiness   Contentment

She is the oil that brings about healing and feeling. Roses have been prized throughout history to adorn our bodies. It takes 5 tonnes of roses to distill 1kg of oil, which is why the cost of pure essential oil is so high. Used for their medicinal properties and worn to protect us from such things as darkness, also scattered from ceilings during banquets, used in religious ceremonies and found next to tombs and mummies. Rose oil brings about unconditional love, healing, protection, contentment, happiness and patience. She is sensuously feminine by nature. Healing on many levels bringing out in us our deepest feelings. A wonderful anti-inflammatory oil for sensitive skin.

Helichrysum:   Deeply Calming   Connection   Congestion   Release   Spiritual   Purpose

The rescue remedy or super arnica in aromatherapy. Increases dream activity and connects us to the earth again and grounding us. Stimulates the right side of the brain (intuition).
Spiritually, Helichrysums purpose is to make self-exposure safe, such as those who feel shy and vulnerable when exposed or those who feel their physical self has lost touch with their soul.
Addictions, congestion, aches and pains, headaches, sinus infections, calms asthma, shock, trauma, anti-depressant.

Bitter Orange:   Creativity   Connection   Joy   Revitalising   Openness

Stimulating and releasing actions, opens creative channels, counters the emotions ‘worry’, helps us remove inhibitions. Orange is believed to strengthen the astral body, having imbued the energy of sunlight and radiance of the stars. Orange brings newness and regeneration, revitalises spiritual connection to a soul dimmed from living too hard, too fast.
Fatigue, brings feelings of calm and joy, nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, stress related symptoms, anti-depressant, sedative.

Rose Geranium:   Strengthening   Uplift   Aphrodisiac   Fertility   Harmony

The great balancer of the oil kingdom. Helps with emotional extremes, sedative and uplifting to the nervous system. Geranium is cooling and moist, clears heat from the body and can strengthen the flow of qi (life force energy). Folklore considers geranium a protective scent, calming, brings about harmony, love, fertility, aphrodisiac, protection and she is also uplifting. An oil one must always respect due to its highly transformative energies. Is said to help with sedative and stimulant withdrawl by calming the nervous system.

Lavender:   Growth   Balance   Calm   Compassion   Health

Resolves fear and clears heat from the body, deepens and calms the body. Integrates spiritually into everyday life, bringing together higher and lower chakra centres. So, it is both calming and energising. Lavender embodies the warmth of mother earth, her compassion seeks to bring out the best in us all and dispels negative energies. Love, health, psychic, development and growth, purification, peace, clairvoyance, divination and balance. Sedative and stimulant, decongestion, headaches, migraines, mental exhaustion, coughs, colds, flu, break down, fear of change, dispels addictive cravings, mood swings, nervous asthma, panic, emotional extremes.

Enjoy Ascension Synergy

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