Warm   Loving   Passionate   Highly Energetic   Expressive

Aphrodite goddess perfume is a very sensual sweet and warming oil with sweet vanilla honey notes and an open-hearted freshness of Bergamot and Rose.

The highly aphrodisiac warming spiciness of cardamom and the aromatic density of sandalwood, deeply penetrating our consciousness.
Aphrodite is to be enjoyed day or night, she is a real mood enhancer.

Aphrodite personality:
She is open hearted, lively, fun, attractive, alluring and talkative, yet has a presence of innocence.
She is highly energetic and burns a passionate flame of energy within.
She is a seductress who is very loving and intimate. Expressive with her feelings and can command attention. She loves the pleasures life has to offer her and is fertile on all levels.

Aphrodite also flows through these energetic centres:

Chakras: Base, Sacral, Heart.
Crystals:  Clear quartz, rose quartz, Green adventurine, Rhodonite.
-Place these crystals on your alter to attract love, beauty and pleasure into your life.
Crystal Infusion:Clear quartz known as the master healer, brings clarity to the wearer, amplifies energy and thoughts, this stone protects and clears ones aura.  Brings us balance and harmony. Helps one to expand consciousness. “The protector”
Oils: Vanilla Bean, Bergamot, Patchouli, Rose, Cardamom, Sandalwood.



All of dandelions essential oils are 100% pure high-grade oils, sourced sustainably, organic where possible and wild harvested.

Vanilla:   Aphrodisiac   Confidence   Happiness   Joy   Balance

The Insurer of desire. Its planetary ruler is Venus the planet of love. This oil is an aphrodisiac in nature and deeply relaxing. Her magical association builds self-confidence, mental powers, passion, physical energy levels and she supports happiness and joy. Vanilla promotes hormonal balance, can lower blood pressure and has a tranquilizing effect on the brain helping slow a busy mind and helps us live in the moment.

Bergamot:   Balance   Angelic   Joy   Amplifies Energy   Prosperity

Bergamot balances the hypothalamus (our main control centre). She maintains equilibrium in our mental & psychological well being. Harmonises our liver chi, aids sleep disturbances, anxiety and heart palpitations. The beautiful green colour of bergamot essential oil has an infinity with the heart chakra and is useful when our heart is affected by great trauma. A deep heart opener.  Bergamot essential oil also aids our solar plexus with open communication & joy.

Rose:   Love   Healing   Protection   Happiness   Contentment.

She is the oil that brings about healing and feeling. Roses have been prized throughout history to adorn our bodies. It takes 5 tonnes of roses to distill 1kg of oil, which is why the cost of pure essential oil is so high. Used for their medicinal properties and worn to protect us from such things as darkness, also scattered from ceilings during banquets, used in religious ceremonies and found next to tombs and mummies. Rose oil brings about unconditional love, healing, protection, contentment, happiness and patience. She is sensuously feminine by nature. Healing on many levels bringing out in us our deepest feelings. A wonderful anti-inflammatory oil for sensitive skin.

Sandalwood:   Soothing   Warming   Deeply Relaxing    Memory Booster   Expectorant

The wonders of Sandalwood; clairvoyance, devination and it brings the wearer good luck. This oil Posses high spiritual vibrations. A powerful anti-oxidant, high in sesqueturpines, this chemical component stimulates the pineal gland responsible for producing melatonin. Releasing this hormone into the blood stream helps us feel, happy, centered, calm and relaxed. These Turpines also regulates our sleep cycle. Sandalwood essential oil promotes mental clarity, is deeply relaxing and calming, helps us boost our memory. Is a powerful aphrodisiac. Is an astringent (skin tightening qualities), anti-viral, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory. Being an effective expectorant as it expels mucus from the lungs it is an amazing oil to diffuse when you or your family have a chesty cough.

Patchouli:   Passion   Abundance   Spiritual Growth   Relaxation  Love

Warm, deep, rich, musky & woody she smells like the soil & the earth.  This exotic scent takes you off to magical places.  Used in ritual work to bring about Love, wealth & passion.
Used in fertility spells and sprinkled into wallets & onto money to attract wealth and abundance.  Patchouli aids our spiritual growth, attracts people to us & she summons the spirit of love,
has strong aphrodisiac properties & promotes a deep state of relaxation.

Cardamom:   Warming   Aphrodisiac   Grounding   Stimulating  Uplifting

Warming & intoxicating this oil is sensual sweet and spicy with grounding woody undertones.  Having an exotic character cardamom is a strong aphrodisiac, promoting love and desire.
An alluring, grounding, warming and stimulating oil.  Uplifting to your emotions & soothing to the body.  Calming to an upset stomach, promotes digestion of thoughts, feelings, ideas and food.



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