Frequently Asked Questions


Does dandelion Chocolate contain nuts?

We have yet to create a nut bar, so watch this space.
However dandelion Chocolate is made in a facility that also handles nuts.

Does dandelion Chocolate contain gluten?

No. All our products are completely gluten free.

Are dandelion Chocolate products vegan friendly?

Yes. All our chocolates are free from animal products and animal bi-products.

Does dandelion Chocolate contain caffeine?

Chocolate contains Theobromine and very small amounts of caffeine.
Theobromine is an alkaloid similar in structure to caffeine, however theobromine gently stimulates the central nervous system, and less stimulating than caffeine.
If you are sensitive to caffeine please check if cacao is right for you.

Sweetener and fructose?

Our Organic Raw Agave Syrup is produced in Mexico where the agave plant grows natively.
They use traditional methods including low-temperature evaporation below 40º. It is rich in minerals and a natural sweetener that is slowly metabolized.

It has a very low Glycemic index (GI) compared to honey, maple syrup, sugar, and other sweeteners. It is a concentrated food so just like any other concentrated fruit juice it should be consumed in moderation. The sugars in agave are in the same form as honey and fruits which are processed by the body in a similar way. It is low GI and diabetic friendly when enjoyed in moderation. However, it is always best to check with your health care practitioner if it is suitable and people with fructose intolerance should avoid it.

Is dandelion chocolate suitable for children and pregnant women?

Dandelion chocolate is free from dairy, gluten and contains only natural and organic ingredients. When consumed in moderation are perfectly safe and enjoyable.
However, if you have special dietary requirements and allergies please see your health care practitioner.


When can I expect my order to arrive?

We dispatch from Nelson by courier within 1-2 business days (excluding public holidays) on receipt of payment. You should receive your parcel between 2-4 business days.
Please email us if there are any delays

What are your local shipping rates?

Orders over $120 will be sent freight-free Nationwide.
All orders under $120 a shipping charge of $7.95 will apply.

How can I pay for my online order?

You can pay via PayPal and by credit card.

What are your policies on exchange or refund?

In the event that goods are not true to description or faulty we will accept the goods for return and refund your money without hesitation.
If you are not satisfied with your products please email us as soon as possible so we can reach an amicable solution.

If my order arrives and is a hot day?

Please place your chocolate bar in the fridge for a couple of hours if it is warm to touch on arrival or has been sitting in the sun.
dandelion chocolate should be stored in a cool, dark place below 18 degrees. Our chocolate bars contain coconut oil which has a low melting point, so please keep out of direct sunlight as the chocolate will become soft when hot.


Where are your ingredients sourced?

All our ingredients are certified organic and Fairtrade, where possible.
– Cacao powder from Peru and Ecuador
– Cold-pressed cacao butter from Peru
– Cold pressed coconut oil from the Philippines
– Raw dark agave nectar from Mexico
– Cinnamon from Fiji
– Vanilla from Madagascar

What is the difference between Cacao Beans, Nibs, Butter, Liquor, and Powder?

Raw Cacao is the bean that comes from the cacao tree, when they have their skins removed are then crushed into pieces called nibs. Nibs are ground into a fine paste to become cacao liquor.
When the liquor is pressed in a machine it separates the fat and the powder. The fat from the liquor is the cacao butter and the remainder is milled into cacao powder.

What’s the difference between ‘wild crafted’ and organic?

Wild crafted plants are not grown commercially, they are harvested in their natural habitat.
The plants all grow naturally and are harvested in a sustainable manner with the least environmental impact. Organic produce comes from plants that are farmed without any harmful chemicals and are not genetically modified.

Which sweeteners do you use?

Dandelions chocolates are made with a raw organic natural sweetener called agave.
It is low in GI and slowly metabolized in the body.

Where are your dandelion products made?

All our products are handmade in our certified kitchen on our organic farm in Hope, Nelson.